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A single "all-in-one" platform to easily manage all your point of sale advertising campaigns on all advertising levers. Simplify your advertising!


The Ramp on BFM!

BFM Business invited us to talk about local advertising. A unique opportunity to present The Ramp and to explain how we allow retailers to simply manage the advertising of all their outlets.

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A single platform to manage all your advertising purchases

Tired of juggling different advertising platforms? Save precious time by creating and activating all your digital campaigns from a single platform.


Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads, Google Ads, Youtube, LinkedAds, Waze, Display...


Access to all French premium sites on desktop and mobile.


Thematic email bases and SMS 100% RGPD.

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advertising package

1 single click to create advertising packs for your network!

Automatically create optimized campaigns for each of your points of sale. It couldn't be simpler to digitize your signs.


Predefinition and customization of campaign parameters for each of your points of sale: geographic targeting, target audience, levers, budgets, periods, etc.


Broadcasting of your campaigns while respecting your parameters and catchment areas.


Monitoring and reporting of campaign performance across all networks: delivery, cost per click, conversion rate.


Billing centrally or at each store.

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Control your brand image and coordinate local network communications

Control your network's communication by managing and sharing with your points of sale all your advertising creations in a unified gallery. No more doubt: the right ad will be shown.


Choice of formats adapted to the selected advertising channels.


Automatic replication with integration of the name, address and telephone number of each point of sale.

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customize assets


An advertising solution to meet all your expectations


Show off your brand

Target your prospects to make them discover your point of sale in your city or region.


Create traffic at the point of sale

Generate point-of-sale visits by reaching your future customers.


Generate new leads

Develop your customer acquisition to feed your CRM tools.


Boost your online sales

Increase your click & collect sales on your range of services or products.

Tailor-made services

From our perspective, the tools are to be adapted to your business processes. The Ramp can assist you with all your needs in a personalised way with a dedicated team.

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Manage your campaigns in "managed" mode

Whether it is before, during or after the campaign, our teams can help you define, set up and optimise your campaigns for you.

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Produce with our creative studio

No time to build up your assets? Our studio is here to design all your creations.

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Functionalities development

From our SaaS platform, The Ramp can add your own features.

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Creation of white label platforms

You manage several brands? Why not use The Ramp as a white label?


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