The benefits

The #1 platform for managing the local communications of franchisees

Tired of juggling different advertising platforms? Save precious time by creating all your audiences, all your formats, all your campaigns on all advertising channels for your entire network from a single platform.

Combine a national advertising message with advertising messages that are specific to each point of sale and
that respect your network communication charter.

For the network head

Ensuring consistent national and local advertising
Innovating by supporting franchisees on the digital stage
Acquire new customers close to your points of sale
Optimise the profitability of each outlet's advertising
Have visibility over the budgets invested locally
Access all your digital, display, social network and even segmented TV inventory on a single platform

For franchisees

Manage the performance of their local campaigns individually  
Gaining autonomy and developing digital skills
Win time to create local campaigns and focus on their core business

At the heart of our technology

Icon Geolocation

Hyperlocal targeting

Optimized distribution to match your stores catchment areas.

Address location

Local transplanting possible at creation level on most levers.

A computer displaying an advertising package and a telephone displaying an advertising campaign.


All digital levers can be activated to meet the different challenges and objectives of your brand and network

Ease of use

A simple, ergonomic interface so that your franchisees can activate their communication campaigns independently.

Support, the key to success

Steering Committee

Optimized distribution to match your stores catchment areas.

CSM & Marketing automation

Dedicated email support and automated sequences.

Network onboarding

Organization of webinars to help you get to grips with the platform.


Quarterly webinars with media experts to share best practices.

Automation throughout the advertising chain


All points of sale and access management integrated into our platform. CRM emails are sent throughout the user journey.

Media recommendation

Each point of sale receives a personalized recommendation based on the reach of its catchment area, including the personalization of creations.

1-click subscription

Stores can validate their campaigns in 1 click and pay online by credit card or Sepa money order.

Automated media buying

Once validated, campaigns are set up automatically in the advertising programming tools.

Optimization and reporting

Our optimization algorithms for arbitrating between purchase and CPM vs. CPC to achieve the best possible performance. Multi-level campaign reporting


Invoices are generated automatically by managing, for example, matching funds or buying group commissions.


Communicate in your catchment areas

With Retail Ads, each store can also create its own local advertising campaign. And that starts with defining your catchment area, to make sure you're targeting the people closest to your store.

Native integration of Insee and CSA geomarketing tools
Precise definition of your catchment area: radius, isochrone, isodistance, Iris zone, etc.

Target the right people around your point of sale

Once you've defined your distribution zones, you can refine your targeting and reach a very specific audience: students, women, families with children, homeowners, CSP+, etc...

Socio-demographic criteria
 Points of interest
INSEE data for the selected area (IRIS)
Intentional data

All your creations accessible by lever

To save precious time and ensure maximum brand control, all advertising assets are accessible in the creative gallery.

Selection by lever
Selection by theme

Integrate the address of your points of sale into your designs

Coordinate your network's local communications with automatic relays that integrate the name, address and telephone number of each store.

Customized creations for your point of sale
HTML5 dynamic staking

Billing management
by point of sale

Invoices are generated automatically by managing, for example, matching funds or buying group commissions.

Billing by point of sale, multi-franchise or centralised
 Invoices sent automatically at the end of the campaign

Customized payment

Invoicing can be carried out centrally, or at store level via online payment (CB, SEPA).

Campaigns payment via Stripe
Pre-payment or at the end of the campaign

Manage your local campaigns

Thanks to our dashboards, you can track the effectiveness of campaign performance across your entire network: distribution, cost per click, conversion rates and even in-store visits if the lever allows.

Managing of national, regional and multi-franchise statistics
All data can be exported in CSV format
Update campaign statistics within 24 hours
Be PRESENT where your audience is

How a pack works

How a pack works

Finnen is a fast and secure service that lets you transfer money online using a computer, smartphone, or our app.

Step 1

The Network Head defines a typical communication operation.

Step 2

The franchisee selects the pack(s) associated with his restaurant on his interface, either a Temps fort or Fil rouge local pack.

Step 3

The franchisee confirms activation periods, themes, budgets...

Step 4

And activate the campaign by credit or debit card

Some examples of campaigns


When opening a new store

Chestnut trees

To communicate key dates


To boost visits to a JPO-type event

Drive to store

To generate itineraries and navigation requests

A telephone displaying an advertising campaign.

New product

For a product launch


To advertise markdowns during the sales period


To boost application downloads


Generate long-term opt-in subscribers to a newsletter, for example


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