The Ramp simplifies your network campaigns

Discover our functionalities to facilitate the management of your point-of-sale campaigns.

Manage your network of points of sale

Add, delete and update all your points of sale with their catchment area, name, address, phone and email. Once your entire network has been identified, you can launch your first multi-local campaigns in 1 click.

retail network
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Centralized management

The Ramp allows you to centrally manage all of your POS activations.

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Import your list of points of sale or use our existing database of 200,000 POIs

Import the list of all your points of sale and their catchment area via their address or POI.

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Access management per point of sale

Send your employees their access codes to connect to their back office and launch or program their campaign.

Define your catchment areas

For each point of sale, you can define the precise areas where your ads will be displayed to ensure that you target customers in your catchment area and avoid cannibalization within your network.


City, department, region, country.


Customization of the diffusion zone: IRIS, isometric, isochron, isodistance.

catchment area
audience targeting

Target your audiences

Once you have defined your broadcasting zones, you can refine your targeting and reach a very specific audience (students, women, families with children, homeowners, CSP+, etc.). Anything is possible to stick to your campaign objectives.


Socio-demographic criteria.


Areas of interest.


INSEE data of the selected zone (IRIS).

Create your media planning

The Ramp facilitates the creation of your media planning and makes it accessible to all your points of sale. You gain autonomy and flexibility.

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Choice of broadcasting channel

The Ramp opens the doors of the most popular advertising platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google) and gives you access to the inventory of all premium sites according to your themes.

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Set a date and time for your campaign

Don't hesitate to play with the dates and times of broadcast to make yourself visible at the right time and maximize your results.

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Choice of campaign budget

Define your media budget to optimize your visibility over 1 week, 1 month or 1 red thread.

advertising package

Facilitate the launch of your point-of-sale campaigns with the Pack option.

You'll love the "Pack" option: it allows you to share predefined campaigns with your points of sale. You keep control of your strategy, you simplify the launch of your campaigns and save time for your points of sale by allowing them to activate them in 1 click.


Payment made by the head office or at the level of each store.


Activation in 1 click from the dashboard of your point of sale.

Track the performance of your retail network

With our dashboards, you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimise them by fine-tuning your delivery framework, channels and budget allocations.


Impressions, CTR, Clicks, Visits, Videos viewed,...


Breakdown by communication channel.


Dashboard by point of sale.

customize assets

Customize your advertising creations

Give your points of sale access to all the details of the campaign. This allows you to keep control of your brand image while allowing your signs to personalize them by adding their address or phone number.


Point-of-sale access to all creative assets.


Replicating the point of sale information on the creations.

Define your billing model

Depending on your financial organisation, allow your points of sale to pay for their campaign online in a secure way or keep a traditional billing model.


Stripe integration.


Payment by invoice at 60 days.