At a time when the end of third-party cookies has been announced,
The Ramp has teamed up with the CSA institute to
put consumer data to work for
multi-local advertising

31 May 2021. The Ramp(, the multi-local advertising platform, has partnered with CSA and is now integrating a unique consumer insight and predictive marketing platform into its algorithms.

Until now, The Ramp has enabled networked brands to communicate on all digital media by targeting the catchment area of each of their points of sale. The partnership with the CSA institute allows us to go much further in optimising advertising campaigns and to develop intelligent geomarketing.

From now on, The Ramp integrates data on purchase intentions and product renewals, shop traffic patterns and influential media at the level of each geographical area (IRIS), all in full compliance with the RGPD.

In concrete terms, a car manufacturer or a kitchen specialist could launch marketing campaigns around their dealerships or franchises with an advertising surge in the areas with the highest number of people wanting to change their car or remodel their kitchen.

Called Smart Target, this technology opens up new perspectives for retail networks that are increasingly keen on performance and traffic creation after months of closure.

In terms of distribution, The Ramp has developed SmartPlanning, a technology that automatically optimises the mix according to the most influential media in the buying cycle for each IRIS zone that is part of the catchment area of a sales outlet. For example, an in-store traffic generation campaign for a Lyon-based discounter will favour display in one area and social networks in another.

"With SmartTarget and SmartPlanning, The Ramp continues to innovate in the management of multi-local campaigns. We have moved from a static media approach to a totally dynamic approach in terms of both targeting and media planning," explains Eric Giordano, Managing Director of The Ramp. "At a time when third-party cookies are becoming a thing of the past, the association with the CSA Institute allows us to combine the power of geomarketing with consumer data. For our clients, it is above all the assurance of maximising the advertising effectiveness of their multi-local advertising campaigns, especially as our first tests show an increase of almost 40% in click-through rates in intentional areas. ».


About The Ramp

The Ramp is THE all-in-one solution to manage all of your retailer's point of sale advertising across all existing advertising channels.

Our platform is integrated with all the major global advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Waze, etc.), mobile applications, French premium publishers, and SMS and email databases.

The Ramp is already used by more than 3,000 points of sale in the automotive, retail, fast food, furniture and other sectors.

About CSA

CSA, Consumer Science & Analytics, is a unique consumer insight and predictive marketing platform.

CSA is the leading market research institute for 40 years, providing brands, companies and institutions with a 360° understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviour. Multi-sector, CSA generates and cross-references hybrid data (attitudinal and behavioural, passive and active, qualitative and quantitative) and operational data because it can be activated.

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